Riverdale Arts Weekend

Homecoming is arguably the most popular event Riverdale hosts all year. With performances by Riverdale’s dance team, alumni and students of all ages are free to roam around campus, get delicious food, and participate in numerous varsity sports games, all happening at the same time. Homecoming fosters a sense of community revolving around the large sports culture at Riverdale. The hype around sports at Riverdale supported by the administration, alumni, and students makes it easy for the numerous and diverse group of artists at Riverdale to feel forgotten.

In response to this concern, a few members of the sophomore class collaborated to create a new event called Riverdale Arts Weekend, which was inspired by Yonkers Arts Weekend.

Sophomore Solei Green initially proposed a bake sale in hopes of continuing a relationship she had with Yonkers Arts Weekend, but then later decided to attempt to bring to Riverdale a weekend dedicated to the arts.

The planning committee includes sophomores Halle Brody, Casey Gleicher, Solei Green, Jackson Harris, Charlotte Jones, Alex Karr, Emilio Modeste, Isa Reyes, Mahlia Rizon, Natalia Rosario, Jake Seeherman, Stephanie Shwartz, Zoe Williams, and Sofia Zambetti.

These sophomores plan to take on the ambitious task of organizing a whole day’s worth of activities, workshops, performances, food vendors, general logistics, and more. Green said that “for right now, we are looking for food and tent vendors, potential performers to perform in the quad and the theater, and doing activities like quilt making, or mural making.” According to Green, the possibilities for this day are endless and it can easily be molded into any vision someone may have.

While a task like this can be compared to organizing an event like One World Day, Riverdale Arts Weekend has more student leadership than faculty support, and a fluid structure that leaves room for creativity. “We are on our own with this whole process. We technically do not have a budget, so we have been calling the vendors ourselves, asking for potential prices, and basically running around scrambling to put things together,” said Green.

This event aims to “establish a community for kids with similar passions,” said Green. A showcase of the diverse talents of Riverdale students involved in the arts--visual artists, musicians, singers, and actors--would finally provide an opportunity for not only athletes to shine, but for young artists to show off their talented work and their commitment to the Riverdale community. Green said that she believes that, “Riverdale does not pay attention to arts as it does to sports, and I think that people need to get the recognition they deserve for the hard work that they put into something that they love. That is the main reason that I wanted to have an arts event in some form, which is to get recognition for visual artists, because I am one myself, but I realized that there is way more than just visual arts, and that all forms of arts should be recognized and praised at Riverdale.”

            Riverdale Arts Weekend will take place on Sunday, May 22nd.

Artist Feature: Bryan Lazano

Artist Feature: Bryan Lazano

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