New Rising Freshmen Receive First Riverdale Survey

New Rising Freshmen Receive First Riverdale Survey

This fall, Riverdale will welcome to the Upper School community the Class of 2020, a diverse group of students who will likely be thrilled to experience all that Riverdale has to offer. The Riverdale Review has collected data on the incoming freshman class by surveying 38 of 46 new students and has also been provided data by Ms. Jenna King, Riverdale’s Director of Admissions.



The data collected shows that the majority of the students entering ninth grade is male, making up 55% of the class. 27% of these freshmen are students of color, and the incoming students are from 39 different zip codes in New York and surrounding areas.

The 46 new students are coming from 31 different schools, with 87% coming from independent schools. Only 11% are joining Riverdale from public middle schools, and 2% attended charter schools.

Ms. King explained that the percentage of Upper School students coming from independent schools is relatively consistent with previous years, though there tend to be more students from private schools entering high school than there are in the Middle School.

Of the incoming students, 13% have siblings already attending Riverdale, and 2% have parents who went to Riverdale.

A more personal survey conducted by the Student Faculty Council during the new students’ placement testing inquired about the students’ interests, activities that they want to participate in at Riverdale, and favorite academic subjects. Among the surveyed students, the most popular activities were volunteering, basketball, and piano.

Out of all the new students who were surveyed, only one did not plan on playing a sport. Basketball, soccer, and tennis proved to be the most popular sports among the rising freshman.

Slightly less than a third of the students plan to participate in a play or musical during their high school years.

92.1% of new students reported using a Mac computer instead of a PC, and 56.5%  say their favorite subject is either math or science. Conversely, 28.3% of rising freshman prefer history or English, with a meager 8.7% favor art or language.

30.6% of students described their political leanings as liberal, with 27.8% identifying as moderately liberal and 13.9% as very liberal. A small 2.8% consider themselves conservative and 0% say they are very conservative. Some incoming freshmen do not yet have strong political positions, with 25% saying that they do not yet know their political leanings or that they do not care.

When asked why they chose to attend Riverdale, the majority of new students said they found it welcoming, new, and exciting.

While discussing which factors the admissions office considers when admitting students, Ms. King said,“We start out by looking at which students are admissible to the school as individuals, considering who they are as students, people, and community members. We then think about the composition of the current eighth grade and figure out what types of students we need to round out the class.”

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