Technology Repair Program

Whether it be rushing into class or multitasking, iPhones are prone to damage. To help the Riverdale community repair their valuable iPhones, the UFixIt Lab was created. This student-led tutoring center teaches members of the Riverdale community how to easily fix their impaired iPhones. Senior Dashiell Slamowitz, a Riverdale student in the RivTech activity-based Advisory shares, “the UFixItLab really is one of the best new programs at Riverdale as nowhere else would you be able to get a phone fixed for no charge.” Since the insides of an iPhone can sometimes be perceived as complex, the program seeks to demystify the internal apparatuses of the device. Through guidance on how to repair an iPhone, the UFixIt Lab hopes to change students’ views on damaged iPhones from disposable to reusable and rectifiable. Mr. Matthew Ringh, Riverdale’s Technology Integrator, adds, “we aim to reduce electronic waste by extending the life of broken devices.” Not only does the UFixIt Lab benefit the environment and provide cheaper and more efficient alternatives to iPhone repairing, it also provides hands on experiences that help the Riverdale community understand the ins and outs of a device used so frequently. With this new information, Mr. Ringh expressed that iPhone users are able to gain awareness about the phone’s “sustainable design and better use the materials and technology.”

Anyone interested in fixing their iPhone can share their problem on After the members of the RivTech Advisory have evaluated the information and purchased the parts, the student with the broken phone can meet with a student from the RivTech Advisory. The trained student will guide the other individual through restoring the iPhone. Additionally, the RivTech Advisory is trying to expand their services and are looking into ways to teach their students how to fix other devices, such as laptops. Mr. Shervin Johnson, Riverdale’s technical support specialist, helps give the UFixIt Lab an edge as he worked for seven years as a hardware and software specialist at Apple. Mr. Johnson and other faculty members are happy to share their expertise with the members of the RivTech Advisory. Mr. Ringh shares, “since the program focuses on both student repair skills and tutoring development, I hope it will be interesting and fun for students to work with their peers and teachers in a new way.” With potential to aid the Riverdale and natural environment, Mr. Ringh encourages the Riverdale community to check out the UFixIt Lab.

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