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The Body Project, run by Project Heal, is a body-acceptance based program designed to promote positive body image, focus on healthy eating, and discuss cultural messages around body image. The project has helped 3.5 million girls in 25 countries and has been used by many colleges and high schools including Riverdale. Guidance counselor Ms. Christina Young explained Riverdale’s interest in the program when she said, “We wanted to bring it in because so many of us struggle with accepting our bodies and our body image in the face of all the cultural messages we get about appearance.”

The student body at Riverdale has a truly diverse range of interests. Riverdale offers many extra-curricular activities, from acapella to robotics to sketch comedy, but what if one wished to explore their passions in a personal, more customized way? This is where Social Change Grants and PA Summer Grants come into play. These programs serve as opportunities for students to pursue their interests in ways that they would not otherwise be able to at school; by providing them with the money they need to fund their creative ideas.