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Riverdale’s Political Culture: A Detailed Analysis of School Polls

Riverdale has long had a reputation as a very liberal school. Most conservative students have always complained of feeling alone as they wander the halls of our elitist product of capitalism. But are they as alone as they say? If Riverdale really is a liberal school, is it because liberal parents send their kids here, or are kids turned liberal by the curriculum? These are the questions we set out to answer in our monumental poll sent to the Upper School student body.

New Rising Freshmen Receive First Riverdale Survey

This fall, Riverdale will welcome to the Upper School community the Class of 2020, a diverse group of students who will likely be thrilled to experience all that Riverdale has to offer. The Riverdale Review has collected data on the incoming freshman class by surveying 38 of 46 new students and has also been provided data by Ms. Jenna King, Riverdale’s Director of Admissions.