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How to Succeed in Seeing Great Theater Without Really Trying

New York City is world-renowned for its seemingly infinite theater community, from twenty years of Phantom of the Opera to the tiniest black box theaters in the backs of grocery stores in Queens, but it can be difficult to find tickets and the right show on a budget, with quality somewhat guaranteed. Here are the Riverdale Review’s recommendations for experiencing the best of the scene...

Oh, There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays: Takeout Options On Xmas In NYC

Cooking Christmas dinner is one of the most exciting parts of the winter, but for those of us who aren’t celebrating the holiday (or maybe just don’t want to cook), finding a restaurant open the night of December 25th is not always an easy task. To spare you the anxiety-ridden search for a place to eat on Christmas night, here are some of the holiday-time restaurants most loved by New York locals.

Check It Out: TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Thanksgiving

It’s that time when we as a country come together to celebrate our rising obesity rates by eating sweet potato flavored marshmallows, baked bread, cranberry sauce, a very lean meat smothered in very rich gravy, and pies galore. As we take our five day reprieve from school, here are five TV shows to watch as you revel in your gluttonous stupor.

Where to Find the Best Slices of Pie in NYC

Picture this: you’re sitting at an oak table in a large room, Howie Mandel is smiling at you from a rocking chair across the room with his goatee effortlessly running down that perfectly sculpted chin. But the sight doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t even crack a smile on your stone face. You have an insatiable hunger for pie that leaves you disorganized and disturbed. You need pie, and if you don’t get it soon, Howie will be lost forever. Where will you quiet this insatiable hunger?