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Justice Assemblies Captivate Riverdale Community

This fall, Riverdale welcomed two speakers who spoke about justice in America. The first speaker, Professor Daniel La Chance, Mr. Michael Sclafani’s former Constructing America partner, spoke to the Upper School about the death penalty and the complex constructions of masculinity that go along with it. The second speaker was Riverdale’s own history and art history teacher Ms. Jenny Eskin, who spoke to the Upper School about her experience as a teacher in prison rehabilitation programs.

The student body at Riverdale has a truly diverse range of interests. Riverdale offers many extra-curricular activities, from acapella to robotics to sketch comedy, but what if one wished to explore their passions in a personal, more customized way? This is where Social Change Grants and PA Summer Grants come into play. These programs serve as opportunities for students to pursue their interests in ways that they would not otherwise be able to at school; by providing them with the money they need to fund their creative ideas.

Riverdale’s Political Culture: A Detailed Analysis of School Polls

Riverdale has long had a reputation as a very liberal school. Most conservative students have always complained of feeling alone as they wander the halls of our elitist product of capitalism. But are they as alone as they say? If Riverdale really is a liberal school, is it because liberal parents send their kids here, or are kids turned liberal by the curriculum? These are the questions we set out to answer in our monumental poll sent to the Upper School student body.

New Rising Freshmen Receive First Riverdale Survey

This fall, Riverdale will welcome to the Upper School community the Class of 2020, a diverse group of students who will likely be thrilled to experience all that Riverdale has to offer. The Riverdale Review has collected data on the incoming freshman class by surveying 38 of 46 new students and has also been provided data by Ms. Jenna King, Riverdale’s Director of Admissions.

Paperless vs. Electronic Work at Riverdale

Over the past decade, an increasing number of schools are making the decision to become paperless institutions. This means that instead of using traditional textbooks, binders, and notebooks, all coursework is to be conducted on laptops or tablets that are supplied by the institution.

Most high school students work tirelessly day and night to study for tests, write essays, and complete homework assignments in order to maintain good grades in their classes. But what exactly qualifies as a “good” grade, specifically at a prestigious independent school like Riverdale?