Editorial Staff


Leanna Muhati '19

Leanna’s interests include cooking, running, and playing basketball. 


Arianna Carpati '19

Arianna enjoys ice skating, running on the rare occasion when she isn't injured, and anything involving Amy Poehler.

Kate Seklir '19

Kate enjoys running, baking, Parks and Recreation, and pandas.

Co-Managing Editor

Max Horne '19

Max enjoys writing for the Riverdale Review, building with legos, baking cookies, and herding yaks.


Website Editor

Oliver Kanders '20

Loves himself a good pancake.

Co-News Editors

Spencer Nachman '20

Spencer enjoys playing the guitar, playing baseball, and running, as well as visualizing the lands of Narnia

Rachel Horne '20

Rachel loves playing soccer, reading, traveling, and eating shake shack’s cheeseburgers and bacon cheese fries.

Co-Opinions Editors

Daniel Gillman '19

Daniel is an Emerson aficionado and enjoys making bad jokes. 


Patrick Davidson '20

Patrick enjoys ice skating, traveling, and drooling over Tasty's Facebook page.

Co-Arts Editors

Nicole Kagen '20

Nicole enjoys playing sports, feasting on hot lunch, making microwaveable popcorn, and practicing the fruit by the foot challenge.

Andrew Bank ‘20:

Andrew is a juggling virtuoso and circus-man. He also thoroughly enjoys Spencer Nachman’s performances at the Sugar Bar.

Co-City Editors

Kimberly Buehler '20

Kimberly enjoys playing soccer, eating lunch, and watching Buzzfeed taste tests.

Josette Simpson '19

Josette runs cross-country and track and field and loves watching Jeopardy.

Back Page Editor

Vishnu Bharathram ‘21:

Vishnu loves playing soccer, being with his friends, and traveling.

Co-Sports Editors

Kylie Stenzler ‘21:

Kylie is allergic cats and dogs, despises cricket, and never binge-watching The Arrow on Netflix.   

Peter Edelstein ‘21:

Peter enjoys playing football, surfing, playing the violin, and listening to ‘60s rock.

Assistant Editor

Max Pasternak '20

Max’s interests include singing, performing, biochemistry, and acting.