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The Body Project, run by Project Heal, is a body-acceptance based program designed to promote positive body image, focus on healthy eating, and discuss cultural messages around body image. The project has helped 3.5 million girls in 25 countries and has been used by many colleges and high schools including Riverdale. Guidance counselor Ms. Christina Young explained Riverdale’s interest in the program when she said, “We wanted to bring it in because so many of us struggle with accepting our bodies and our body image in the face of all the cultural messages we get about appearance.”

Whether it be rushing into class or multitasking, iPhones are prone to damage. To help the Riverdale community repair their valuable iPhones, the UFixIt Lab was created. This student-led tutoring center teaches members of the Riverdale community how to easily fix their impaired iPhones.

 In the spirit of Black History Month, Riverdale offered a variety of workshops and activities to celebrate and explore black history this February.

A Chat with Chef Nicole Ray

Some come for the mouth-watering egg sandwiches. Others prefer the perfectly fluffy pancakes. Still others are content to scoop up some oatmeal. But while Riverdale students might disagree about the best-tasting options at breakfast, we are united in one sentiment: Chef Nicole Ray is awesome.